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Cloud Services

We offers Public, Private and Managed Cloud services with the help of enterprise service provider to guarantee high availability, performance, scalability and security.

Public Cloud

We provide a wide range of product plans for the compute, storage, network, security, analytics, to provide end-to-end IT infrastructure on pay-per-use basis.

Private Cloud

We provide consulting and Implementation of private cloud with the help of
all proven IT partners like VMWare, RedHat, Citrix, Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper, Symantec, HP, IBM, Hitachi..

Disaster Cloud

With the help of all proven IT we provide Disaster Recovering solutions

  • One-time DR setup
  • Ongoing DR monitoring and management
  • DR Drill
  • Real time Service Dashboards

Manage IT Services

Our Managed services play a vital role in providing end-to-end IT management services to transform an organization’s IT needs of any organization based on the current and future business needs.

In Managed IT Services we provides
  • Cloud Services
  • Security services
  • Network services
  • Application services
  • Technology Integration services
  • Related Managed services